Choosing and conditioning holiday greens

We can’t have a greens workshop without greens! Cut greens from your garden (or a friendly neighbor’s) on the Sunday or Monday before the workshop. The cuttings should be between 6” to 12” in length.

Conditioning your cut greens is a critical step to ensure arrangements stay fresh and attractive for several weeks! Here’s how:
1. Lay the cut greens in a laundry tub or bathtub or extra-large container in a solution of mild detergent (Dawn) and lukewarm water.
2. Soak briefly, swish and rinse in cold water.
3. Soak in cold water until Tuesday evening.
4. Dry them overnight on old towels or sheeting and bring to the workshop.

Examples of greens that work well in arrangements are spruce, pine, balsam, boxwood, juniper, aucuba, cedar, holly, yew, cryptomeria, Southern magnolia, dusty miller, nandina, winterberry, rosemary and lavender. Other live plant material can be included in arrangements, as long as the material is tough enough to last several weeks in well-watered floral oasis.