Officers and board members

The BCGC Board is composed of elected officers, committee chairs, certain appointed positions, and the immediate past president (or co-presidents).

Officers for 2021–2022

President: Karen Fricke
Vice president: Stella Gordon
Secretary: Betsy James
Treasurer: Margy Tritschler

Committee chairs

Connie Morella Library: Jeanne Weiss, Candy Kessel
Courtesy: Caroline Turner
Davis Library: Margaret Edison, Sharon Wright
Flower arrangements: Kasia Massie, Dawn Landsman
Holidays greens workshop: Patricia Pennington
Environmental concerns: Kathy Benjamin, Barbara Collier
NCAGC liaison: Holly Joseph
Finance: Carol Meyers, Suzanne Shwetz
Garden therapy: vacant
Horticultural notes: Carole Ottesen
Listserv: Hillary Fitilis
Luncheon coordinating:  Amy Prywes, Priscilla Sabatelli, Anthea Levy
Membership: Dee Lertora, Marge Pray
Mentoring: Judith Graef
Newsletter editor: Lois Brown
Outings: Candy Kessel
Picnic: Suzanne Shwetz
Plant sale: Elaine Hope, Judy Termini
Photographer: Vickie Baily
Programs: Jane Malish
Publicity: Mary Horan
Strathmore holiday decorating: Lizzie Glidden-Boyle
Website: Barbara Collier, Mary Horan; Jane Boynton (contacts)
Yearbook: Barbara Shaw

Other board members

Past co-president: Judith Graef
Past co-president: Suzanne Grefsheim
Historian: Vickie Baily
Parliamentarian (non-voting): Mary Ellen Bittner