2017-2018 CLUB CALENDAR

September 28, 2017—Together Again
We open our meeting year on Thursday, September 28, 2017, 10:30 am at St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church , 10701 Old Georgetown Road, North Bethesda. Come with stories of your garden adventures and misadventures over the past summer. If you’ve grown plants new to you that you fell in love with and that thrived in your garden plot, please share their names. And if you have a broken heart over hard work and expense that came to nothing, we can sympathize and perhaps learn not to plant that particular non-performer in our own plots. So join us on Thursday  and tell all…it’ll be fun!
Salad lunch 

October 25, 2017—   Barbara Faust, Smithsonian Garden Director       
Barbara Faust will update us on the past, present and future of Smithsonian gardens. Perhaps you remember some years ago we were encouraged to protest  the removal of the gardens near the Castle tl make way for construction projects. Ms. Faust will give us the true gen on that situation and hopefully confirm those oases of calm and tranquility are not on the endangered list.
Bring a sandwich to share

November 15, 2017— Mr. Richard Koogle of Lilypons
Remember seeing ponds and fountains and pools at several of the members gardens  we’ve visited through the “open garden” project and thinking maybe it’d be nice to add a water feature to your own yard? Mr. Koogle will discuss how to achieve this with colorful slides about plants, fish, installation, stocking, maintaining and the secrets of clean clear water. You’ll be inspired to commence digging at once.
Hot lunch

December 13, 2017—Holiday Greens Workshop 10:30 am
December 13 finds us in the midst of fragrant evergreen branches, dried seed heads, twigs and berries brought from members’ gardens for our annual greens workshop where we construct small seasonal arrangements for local hospitals, shelters and assisted living facilities.

Hot soup lunch

January 24, 2018— Vickie Baily
Video and talk on Labyrinths

Sandwich  lunch

February 28, 2018— Mr. Michael Szesze
In Juine 2017 the Washington Post Sunday magazine had a titillating article about flesh eating plants. Mrs. Szesze is the grower of these plants. and he cultivates them at his Carnivorous Plant Nursery in Smithsburg, MD. He has graciously agreed to share his knowledge and experience with us including tips and tricks on growing them ourselves. In fact he is bringing along some specimens should you care to acquire your own exotic example.

Soup lunch

March 28, 2018— Mr. Les Rucker
Mr. Rucker is an expert on hydrangeas, those sturdy, dependable and mostly carefree beauties that, if we are lucky, brighten summer and keep on giving when we bring the flowers inside in autumn to dry on our mantels and dining room tables. Mr. Rucker will discuss the primary species of hydrangeas that grow in the area and how to manage them for maximum health and beauty.
Sandwich  lunch

April 25, 2018— Mr. Josh Dickstein
A summer of working in the garden lies ahead and with all that bending and digging come aches and pains. What to do? Come to the meeting to hear Mr. Dickstein, a physical therapist, who knows what to do. He’ll explain the injuries we incur and how to prevent them as well as how to improve posture, what gardening tools are ergonomic, and what devices can assist us in the garden. You’ll be armed and ready for that first foray into your yard.
Hot lunch

May 10, 2018—Annual Plant Sale  7 am – 1 pm
Nina Stark-Slapnik, Barbara Collier,  Kay Hager,
Elaine Hope Karin Kelleher, Candy Kessel, Carol Meyers, Marilyn Tenenbaum, Judy Termini
The plant sale, held from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., rain or shine, at the Montgomery Farm Women’s Cooperative Market in Bethesda, is eagerly anticipated by local gardeners and members alike. It provides a great service as a source for locally grown plants that will almost certainly flourish in our neighborhood gardens. Start thinking now about getting some plants from your yard ready for our annual fundraiser.

June 10, 2018 —Club Picnic
Smithsonian Greenhouses in Suitland, Maryland












Club Members create arrangements at the Annual Greens Workshop