2018-2019 CLUB CALENDAR

September 26, 2018—Round Table
We reassemble after a summer of vacations, travel, and gardening to share our news and gardening discoveries, to mention new garden tools we’ve found  and new techniques we’ve embraced, to listen to the Euonymous’  serenade, and enjoy lunch together, reviving old friendships and enjoying each other’s company.
Salad lunch 

October 24, 2018—   Foraging,  Marianne Willburn
When a non-gardening friend in McLean recounted how she went out in her yard and gathered dandelion plants to cook for dinner, I decided it was time we heard from Marianne Willburn, a Master Gardener and author who has won awards for her popular column and blog “The Small Town Gardener”.  Her talk about foraging will break the foraging process down into memorable and manageable food groups and she’ll discuss what to look for, what to avoid, where to find more information and how to use your harvest to create something new and exciting for the table.
Bring a sandwich to share

November 28, 2018— Shrubs,  Carol Allen
Carol Allen is probably known to many of you through the many talks on various horticultural topics that she gives at Behnke’s. Her topic here is shrubs, which ones to choose, which ones to keep, which to abandon, when to prune. Carol has a wide and deep knowledge about things horticultural and shares her expertise with us.
Hot lunch

December 12, 2018—Holiday Greens Workshop
Bring your clippers and gloves, greens and other decorative bits from your garden to the greens workshop. At this meeting we make small arrangements which we distribute to hospitals, nursing homes and other worthy institutions throughout Bethesda. It is a lot of fun and propels you into the holiday mood despite yourself.
Hot soup lunch

January 23, 2019 – Mt. Vernon, Dean Norton
Dean Norton is Director of Horticulture at Mt. Vernon. He’s been working there since he was a sophomore in high school. He was in the news this past August when The Washington Post featured him in an article about growing hemp at Mt. Vernon (not that kind). He will share his deep knowledge of Mt. Vernon’s history and the plants that have been grown there since George Washington’s time.
Sandwich  lunch

February 27, 2019—Oriental Flora,  Bevan Shimizu
February’s speaker got rave reviews from one of our fellow garden clubs, so we had to hear from him too.  Bevan Shimizu will talk to us about Japanese gardens,  those models of restraint and organization. He’ll compare Japanese and European garden design, highlighting similarities and differences and sharing tips on how we can incorporate Eastern concepts in our own gardens.
Soup lunch

March 27, 2019— Bees and Butterfly Bushes, Lisa Bierer-Garrett
Lisa Bierer Garrett, naturalist and passionate birder, whom you may remember from our June 2018 trek through the Suitland Bog, will address the club on what plants/shrubs specifically grow well in our neck of Maryland and are superb at attracting coveted pollinators. Lisa has worked in many local parks and nature centers and has given wildlife programs at numerous area schools. She is on the Board of the Prince George’s Audubon Society.
Sandwich  lunch

April 24, 2019— Gardening with Ferns, Dr. Paulette Royt
 Ferns tumbling over plant standsferns popping up all over your garden, elegant, graceful and strange. Dr. Paulette Royt will demystify the ferns, tell us how to identify them, and the major genera of ferns found in our local area. Dr. Royt received degrees from American University and a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Maryland. She is retired after a 31 year career in the Biology Department at George Mason University.
Hot lunch

May 9, 2019—Annual Plant Sale 
Nina Stark-Slapnik, Barbara Collier,  Kay Hager,
Elaine Hope Karin Kelleher, Candy Kessel, Carol Meyers, Marilyn Tenenbaum, Judy Termini
The plant sale, at the Montgomery Farm Women’s Cooperative Market in Bethesda, is eagerly anticipated by local gardeners and members alike. It provides a great service as a source for locally grown plants that will almost certainly flourish in our neighborhood gardens. Start potting up your plants before it freezes, keep them outdoors in a warmish spot and keep them watered and then bring them to the plant sale in May. More detailed information follows from the plant sale committee closer to the date.

June 2019 —Club Picnic  TBA
Date and venue to be announced. Keep your eye on the club bulletin for details.












Club Members create arrangements at the Annual Greens Workshop