2019-2020 CLUB CALENDAR
The calendar for 2020-2021 will be posted as soon as it is available

September 25, 2019—Round Table

Come and learn from one another. The September meeting is a round robin where everyone has a turn with the microphone and can share their latest gardening discoveries or disasters, new plants that’ve flourished or failed, new gardening tools that are worth having or aren’t.  It’s a time to catch up with each other and renew old acquaintances. Don’t t miss this chance to get back in touch.

Salad lunch 

October 23, 2019— My mother-in-law made delicious potato salad incorporating all the usual suspects: onions, celery, dill pickles, mayonnaise.  If it lacked a certain something, she added a bit of minced garlic.  Worked every time. Who’d’ve known.  Our October speaker Tony Sarmiento also knows a thing or two about garlic, and will share his expertise on how to grow the magic bulb in your own backyard. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to have a culinary standby ready for the digging when you need it.

Bring a sandwich to share

November 20, 2019—If you are, like me, one of the unfortunates whose lawn doesn’t even look like a thriving weed patch, our November speaker Mary Travaglini , sustainable landscapes program manager for Montgomery County, can help.  She’ll offer tips on maintaining healthy lawns and how to care for them organically.  She also has some nifty ideas on late fall overseeding.  Come and be inspired by Mary’s ideas.

Hot lunch

December 11, 2019—Holiday Greens Workshop at 10 am

Banishing the holiday Bah Humbug  affliction is easily done at the annual holiday greens meeting where we construct fresh green arrangements to distribute to various entities who appreciate our banning the season’s doldrums.  Bring your best backyard greens, your gloves and clippers and prepare to have a lot of fun, maybe even in spite of yourself.

Hot soup lunch

January 22, 2020 –.Christopher Lewis, a  Maryland Certified Professional Horticulturist, a Montgomery County Master Gardener, a beekeeper and a former longtime sales associate at beloved Behnke’s of recent memory has some swell ideas for convincing deer to abandon your garden, ideas which don’t involve high fences, barking dogs or hunting them down with bows and arrows. He has a reputation for providing great handouts too.  Come and see if the handouts live up to the hype.

Sandwich  lunch

February 26, 2020—You have a shady yard and very dry soil.  It’s the graveyard of your money and plants  and beloved of the WSSC (all that money when you pay your water bill.} But Kathy Jentz, Washington’s garden guru and lifelong gardener has some thoughts on how to cope with this problem and perhaps overcome some of the worst. Be sure to come and learn her secrets to dealing with a  widespread local gardening difficulty. You’ll be glad you did.

Soup lunch

March 25, 2020— PLEASE NOTE that this meeting has been cancelled due to concern about the Covid 19 virus
Containers, those mini-gardens that look good and restore your confidence in your gardening skills when they succeed, or allow you to grow one spectacular specimen in that tiny patch of sun, are the subject of Dr. Martin Goldrosen’s presentation.  He’ll arm us with information on how to make containers flourish whether you’re growing fruit, flowers or vegetables.  Come and store up his tips because spring is here and you need all the help you can get.

Sandwich  lunch

April 22, 2020—PLEASE NOTE that this meeting has been cancelled due to concern about the Covid 19 virus  One of the Club’s favorite speakers Carol Allen is back by popular acclaim.  This time she’s going to share her expertise on caring for orchids.  She’s an expert on this topic and will no doubt inspire us to rush right out to Trader Joe’s after the meeting to scoop up an orchid that we can then care for according to Carol’s Rules.

Hot lunch

May 14, 2020—Annual Plant Sale  PLEASE NOTE that this plant sale has been cancelled due to concern about the Covid 19 virus
Nina Stark-Slapnik, Barbara Collier,  Kay Hager,
Elaine Hope Karin Kelleher, Candy Kessel, Carol Meyers, Marilyn Tenenbaum, Judy Termini
The plant sale, at the Montgomery Farm Women’s Cooperative Market in Bethesda, is eagerly anticipated by local gardeners and members alike. It provides a great service as a source for locally grown plants that will almost certainly flourish in our neighborhood gardens. Start potting up your plants before it freezes, keep them outdoors in a warmish spot and keep them watered and then bring them to the plant sale in May. More detailed information follows from the plant sale committee closer to the date.

June 2020 —Club Picnic  TBA PLEASE NOTE that this picnic has been cancelled due to concern about the Covid 19 virus
Date and venue to be announced. Keep your eye on the club bulletin for details.












Club Members create arrangements at the Annual Greens Workshop